Friday, January 26, 2007


We are at a crosspoint in our lives. The crosspoint of what I do not know. It is the strangest feeling. It is seriously a lot like being in a doctor's office waiting for your name to be called. These feeling have been with us for some time. More recently the seem to rise to our thoughts daily. Honestly more than daily...all day. When we sit together "it" is on our lips. Truly "it" is the overflow of our hearts.

Definition (by Debra)
"it"= the feeling of God changing us...drawing us away...closer to Him...preparing us for something...the overwhelming desire for the great adventure with him...the desire of our heart simply to do what he is calling us to do...the willingness to follow him that we really cannot fathom or explain...(it could go on and on).

Ernest is a part of the Abilene Youth Coalition. It is a group of Youth Pastors who get together once a week. They have the great privilege to go to the school campuses to meet and talk with students as well as pray over the campus in between lunches. Ernest is pretty new to the group but I can tell you that he has loved every minute of it. It has been great to talk with and pray with people who share a burden with you. We are all pumped to win Abilene for Christ. This generation is being lost. They have so much to deal with. This Wednesday we are having 'AI Briefing' which is going to be a big city wide service to get everyone aware of the needs around them. In doing this we hope to get people involved in reaching out to the next generation. Last week in church Ernest gave some statistics that totally blew people away. I will try to get them up for you. It really seems like the adult population is very unaware of what our teens are struggling with. If you would like to see more on this click here.

After the last meeting Ernest came home with some exciting news. One of the area youth pastors had stopped him with something to share. He began to talk to Ernest..."I don't know what you and your wife are dealing with but God has not taken you guys off my mind...Every time I looked at you I could see it in your face...Whatever it is...the time is is going to happen soon..." Of course that is not word for word. I was not there. One thing I know for sure is that God was. These men know nothing about what we have been talking about, God just wanted to show us that he does. We get so weary in the waiting room. We still have no idea what "it" is but we do know that "it" is real.

The vision at this point is to be communicators to youth. We have the great privilege to do that weekly at our church. For some reason God is growing that vision. We look at ourselves and think..."not us." What we have said to our God, we will follow you. I am currently writing a book for teen girls. I don't know how to do this. God is doing it. We dream of teaching together the very same principles that God himself taught to us. We both grew up as "Christians" and yet we missed the very point of that...relationship. Our students are missing that too. We would give our lives away so that they can know truth. If you want to know more about my story go here and find the link "my story".

I had such an urgency to share this today. I don't know why. This blog is intended as a journal for us. Our desire is to look back and see faithfulness. Wherever or whenever the "it" is, It will be by the leading of our Father. How I love him! What grace!

In love with Him,



snowfly606 said...
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Jackson said...

I can very much relate to the feeling of It. Well said!