Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the cloud of waiting

We are in a place of waiting. Waiting for everything. Waiting for God to say the word or in this sense to move the cloud. Sometimes I wish it were just that simple for me to see a physical cloud in the sky and know to follow it.

God is providing all of our needs and a lot of our wants. Our biggest want is to pursue this great adventure with Christ yet at this time we are to wait. It is hard and my patience is growing weary each day. I trust God's timing!

Each day is time for mold us into what He desires us to be. In my devo today it said that this is the ultimate act of obedience.

Whatever the waiting process is for I desire to be doing the work of my father now and in the future.

the itch is great Lord...I pray that you would strengthen us through this time. Make us ready for tomorrow but also for today. I am in great need of your direction. And more and more each day I long to follow hard after you and the dreams that you have put before me. Still me before you.

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