Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a year has passed...

Last year around August we sat down with heavy hearts and spoke the words that were stirring in our hearts. We both felt God speak to us saying that this would be our last school year here in Abilene. The leading was to pursue the dreams that he had planted in our hearts long ago. The dreams of speaking, writing, and serving teenagers and college students in a different way. We often battled these dreams and thought we might be creating them ourselves. It was a great fear. From the depth of our heart we do not want to be anywhere that God has not ordained for us.

We remembered the words from a great man..."if God desires something from you he will bring it into action." Meaning we would not have to manipulate anything into being. Great stress off. God has determined our steps. We must be faithful to follow.

So in the quietness of our hearts we prayed. We kept our word silent from those around us. This was a time just for us to search out the way of our Father. I started this blog to keep record of this particular journey.

Our pastor (& boss) had been aware of our dream from the beginning of our meeting. He knew that it was out there somewhere. He and Ernest would even speak about it sometimes. We were questioning God whether or not to share this new found word with our Pastor. God kept our mouths silent so that he could do the work. Our prayer was that he would speak to pastor and that we would find favor with him. We were praying this from around August until Springtime.

As God was churning our heart he was also speaking with Pastor. Around Springtime Pastor came to us and said he felt God saying to him that it was time for us to pursue our dream. Wow. God showed up! The transition began very soon. Our life was thrown into public motion.

Here we find ourselves in August. It is a year since God spoke his word to us. The transition here is complete. Complete. We stand in wait. At attention even. This is where he desires us to be in his will. I have no clue what tomorrow holds. I am waiting for the and God showed up moment. I feel somewhat like Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego because my heart says "God will show up...but if not, i will trust the quietness is from him."

Look what was in my quiet time this morning Psalm 27:13-14. God's word is good.

If you want to read this story as it played out click on the links in life in transition to the side. It is listed in order from present to past. I thought I would let you in on some of the background knowledge.


Shelly said...

It's a joy and encouragement to be able to share this journey with you all (through reading about it).

And I think I could just paste that Psalm verse on my forehead! lol

Heather said...

It's neat to see all God has done to bring you to this point. An encouragment to us! Thanks for letting us share (read) in your journey. It encourages us to not give in and 'wait for the waterpark' that awaits us at the end of the road! Thanks! We will keep you guys in our prayers

Deidre said...

Debra, I hold my breath when I click on your blog ... waiting on the computer to bring it up ... thinking the 'answer' will be the next thing you post. You are handling everything with such grace. I'm still praying for you and excited for you.

oh amanda said...

debra: I think we are in the same boat. We resigned from our church last August. We are "stuck" here not knowing when or where we are going. It's scary & frustrating. But I love the verse you found--I WILL SEE THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING. amen!

Teri said...

There is an old song recorded by Hillsong called In Your Hands...here are the lyrics, because everytime I read something you have written about the Dream, I hear this song rise up in me.

Darlene Zschech - In Your Hands

I'm so secure,
You're here with me.
You stay the same,
Your love remains
Here in my heart.

So close I believe
You're holding me now,
In Your hands I belong,You'll never let me go.
So close I believe
You're holding me now,
In Your hands I belong,
You'll never let me go.

You gave Your life
In Your endless love.
You set me free,
And showed the way,
Now I am found.

All along, You were beside me,
Even when I couldn't tell.
Through the years
You showed me more of You,
More of You.

jen said...

When I think of how far you guys have come in a year, I'm in awe. I see in you a woman who yearns for the Lord in the everyday things. You seek Him out in everything you do. I caught wind of what was going on about 8 months ago, I could see you guys changing. Or rather, I could see God changing you. The special relationship you have with God is awesome. And makes me see what I'm missing! You are inspiring and an encouragement. I can not wait to see how God uses you in the months to come. Well... month to come. :)

Debra said...

Thanks for all the encouragement ladies....

it means the world.