Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Grandkids photo shoot

We had a blast trying to get 4 kids to smile all at the same time. Here are the Parker bunch of grandbabies.



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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Only in my (big) Dreams...& a poll

The funniest thing happened while at the Astros game.

The nice couple sitting next to me kept starring at me. It was strange. I would look at them and they would just smile a big grin. I just assumed that maybe they were looking over me to something else. hopefully.

Then the nice lady leans over and asks me a question. I could barely hear her so I ask her to say it again...

Here is what she says...

nice lady:Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kate Hudson?


nice lady:Kate Hudson, the actress?

me:Only in my dreams...(laughter ensues)

Kate Hudson? That is a new one. I would love to look like Kate. Let's just take an inventory here....She has blonde hair, she is very skinny, I have dark hair, darker skin...

The baseball hat must work wonders. I think I may wear one for the rest of my days.

This brings me to a poll I have been wanting to take for a while. Caleb, stop laughing! No matter where I am I end up getting the question...What are you? Meaning what nationality are you. While in Europe I got this question so much that we mused over taking an on-line poll. So in an effort for me to find out the not so scientific answer I am asking you to comment your thoughts. I know what I am partially, so there you have a hint, but I don't know the other half.

I need lots of answers so please comment. Send your friends...they may be bored...they may need something to do...tell them some strange woman is taking a strange poll...that should attract a wild bunch!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All Things Transparent

I like vellum paper. I like it in clear or in colored versions. I like those cute vellum gift bags. The kind you can get at bath junkie.

Sunday, while at Buffalo Gap State Park pool, I noticed that the floats that caught my eye were the transparent ones. One was a green alligator and the other was a blue dolphin. Something about them were just different from the others. They stood out to me in a big way.

I sat there (with time on my hands) and thought about how I like vellum paper and well mostly all things transparent.

I moved on to think how that is me in a nutshell. I am about all things being out in the open. To me it is beauty.

I love transparent people. I love to know about ones real life not the facade that they want you to see. Truly, I am not about people who want to show off a facade. I have been guilty of being one of those people before. No more.

I remember being young in ministry and thinking I had to present our family in such a way. Those days are over. We are Jesus Lovers through and through but yes we make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. My kids sometime misbehave and cry at the worst of times. I remember the "staff" dresses that I purchased. Also, as a teen going to camp purchasing cullotes that were that camp appropriate, might I add, I only wore them on that week.

It may sound like I am on a rant but I promise I am not. Just some thoughts from a strange brain.

Am I the only out here like this? Do we all long to see transparency?

Monday, June 25, 2007


Before leaving Dallas I had to stop by a great cupcakery (is that a word?) that I heard about from Amanda at Baby Bangs.

I must say that I loved this place. Not only because of the tasty cupcakes but also because of the experience. We lunched at The Corner Bakery and then went for dessert at Sprinkles. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with the people that I love most.

It was one of those moments where you take many long deep relaxing breaths so that the feeling may be savored for years to come.

He is 8!

Colton and Biggio

What does the world look like for this amazing kid?

Today my boy, our baby, turned 8 years old. We woke up early to make his favorite breakfast, eggs and bacon. He opened presents and has already went shopping to pick out a game boy game for his new game boy. He has been saving for some time and now his joy is complete (for today).

For birthday festivities he has requested that we play "parker baseball". If the weather holds up you will see the four of us out at the ballpark acting like the pros that we are. I think this afternoon we are going to prepare with some batting practice at the local cages. I've got to get my game on.

We will end our evening enjoying Colton's favorite cuisine, "ballpark" dogs and "baseball" peanuts.

We had so much fun at the game on Friday night. We took Colton for his birthday. He loved every second of the game. We arrived before the doors opened so that we could try to get some autographs. If I had a more aggressive boy he would have scored many but no worries. He came away with a script from Jason Jennings. Not only did he get that but he sat forever and admired his favorite players Biggio and Berkman.

I am so honored to go through life with this child. He is precious, crazy, wild and so much more. He is the kid that carries 4 bibles to church for extra credit. I am serious. He receives more bible bucks for each bible brought. We think it is funny but he does not care. He likes cool hair cuts and his camo shorts. He thinks girls are gross and I love that. To this day there are times when he will reach out and grab my long will this last?

I treasure him. My boy.

I want to please him

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone to comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those that earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6

I believe...

Today is a fresh day.

Where are the ashes?

At the moment I cannot sleep. I feel like going out and searching for ashes to rub on my head to express the feeling the lies inside. Most of me does not want to write this. This is not what you are suppose to read on this faith journey. But truth be told today I am discouraged. I actually think that is an understatement.

Wouldn't you know it.

We have been on a vacation of sorts. We took our first week of vacation and went home to Houston so that our parents could see that we still, in fact, are fine. We had a great time. Refreshing even.

Even though we were having a great time there has been an underlying sadness or mourning over the loss of our students. It was the first time for us to be away and the new couple to take over. Take over. This means we step back. Stepping back is so hard. The words to express what I feel are just not here. Sad is as close as it is going to get. The trick is I cannot let the girls know that I feel this way. It would not be good for them because in an effort to comfort me they would cling for dear life. The flesh part of me desires that. I hate that. To be replaced matter what circumstance surround it.

To top it off the minute we got home we received some bad news. Nothing life changing but enough to make one crazy. Satan at work. Fear and then more fear.

I know that I am whining. I am sorry.

I believe that God is preparing greatness around the corner. I am just unsure of the size of the corner. We have been thinking a lot about walking on water out to Jesus as opposed to standing in the boat...where are we?

Let's see:

1. We felt a leading from God to move on and he confirmed it

2. We put our house up for sale

3. We sent out resumes and informational cd's to some youth organizations

4. We will be without a paycheck and insurance as of the end of July

I am thinking that we at least have one leg out feeling the water. It is scarring us to death, our eyes are bulging with requests for a life preserver.

Still I believe. I pray for enough faith to take the full step.

At this point we are just living day to day, dreaming of the future that looms before us, longing for the security of yesterday.

I meant to post some fun stories about our trip. I have some great pictures to post from the Astros/Rangers game that we went to. This just had to come out first.

Another sleepless thought...This night 8 years ago I was contracting and awaiting the birth of my sweet boy. How time flies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Galveston Island

"You need to get your feet in some shoes"

I knew I would get your attention.

I am in the throws of raising a little shopper. On Monday we went to the Galleria. Fun. Fun. We parked and entered the glorious mall through Macy's department store. Once we were in wouldn't you know that we would have to make a trip to the bathroom. We have kids! After walking out of the restroom we head straight into the shoe department and Carly spouts out the words..."You need to get your feet in some of those shoes"...I laughed and couldn't resist a pat on my back for a job well done.

We had a good day. Thank you Louise Tucker for lunch. We used our Chili's gift card and left filled to the gills. Carly scored winnings from Libby Lu and Colton came away with a Surfer hat from Gap. I also purchased a shirt from Gap. I think that rounded off our shopping. We mostly looked and played.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Surprises and Tears on Father's Day

Sneaky. That is what attribute I had today.

Since things have been kind of crazy around our life lately I decided not to tell my parents we were coming to Houston. I did not want to disappoint them if we decided to take our week and sleep. When I knew for sure that we were coming I continued to keep my mouth shut about our plans in order host a grand surprise.

I love surprises.

When we come to town we stay at Ernest's parents house. (My parents only live about 10 minutes away.) The funny thing is my mom called and talked to me right after we arrived. My plan was to not be found out so I could walk into my parents church and surprise my dad.

Ernest was preaching for his dad, however, I decided to skip out on his message and head farther down 59 for some much needed 'time'.

Finally, I make it to the church, get out, and honestly I can feel the size of my hair growing from all the humidity. That is one thing that I do not miss about H-town. I make my way to the entrance of their small church and quickly am greeted by an usher. Sweetness. I scan the room looking for the one man in the room without gray hair. I make my way over to his pew start walking towards him and I get the blankest stare I have ever seen. He is looking right at me and yet has not 'noticed' me. He had that look on his face of "I know that person". You know the look? It was so funny. The moment he realized it was me, was well, worth all the effort. The biggest smile and strongest hug. Love. Then that is when it happened. He cried. Did you hear me? He cried.

The surprise worked. There was nothing he could have wanted more than to have one of his very own sit beside him in church. My daddy, I love him.

My mom soon noticed me (from the choir loft) and with the same eagerness showed me her love and joy. My dad had to stand and make a bold announcement that his baby daughter was there from Abilene to see him and that I made him cry. What a man!

So, to my daddy, I love you, For so many things to numerous to list. You have held me captive for many years. That is the way it is suppose to be. I will never forget your tears as we walked the aisle at my wedding. I considered not becoming a Mrs. if it would cost your heart. Forever you will always be my daddy. The first man in my life.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Houston get ready...we will be seeing you tomorrow.

I am not sure how much I will post in the next week. We will be hanging out with family and then off to Arlington for a Rangers/Astros game on Friday.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Cardio Work-Out in Pictures

Saddling up some horses getting ready to blaze a trail

Ernest in Showtime Round-Up

Praising Loud

Pure Craziness

Something we are not is country. We are not about country music or anything similar yet this week we are on a wild ride with everything country and loving every second.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My cardio work-out

This week I do not have to worry about doing cardio. It is being taken care of at VBS. That is right, singing and dancing is my job! My legs are sore as well as my cheeks from smiling so much. I love leading those kids in worship. It is so amazing. They have no reservation...that is so fresh.

Monday we had 111 kids and 70 workers

Today we had 124 kids and 65 workers

**Updated to add**

Wednesday we had 132 kids and about 70 workers

Thursday we had 126 kids and we celebrated 22 children who believed in Christ!!!

Friday we had 125 kids and a lot of workers (I didn't count)

If you are looking for a great vbs to do check out Group's Avalanche Ranch. They put out a new one each year. We are always more than pleased with their presentation.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Small Group

Our house has been filled with teens for more years than I can recall. My heart is sad over the vacant spot that our Sunday nights will hold. God has a plan for our time. I know that. I believe.

Here is the look and feel of our home at Sunday night small group. I really should have gone out and taken a picture of the cars lined up on our road. It is a sight to behold.

I love to SHOP!

It is quite tragic that I have not been able to shop lately. I love to shop. I love to go and search for something special. More than any of the above, I love to find a great deal.

Last summer I went searching for a little black dress to be worn while on our cruise. The problem was that it needed to have a little price tag as well. I was hoping for
the $20 - $50 dollar range but instead I got a dress for 49 cents. I am serious! It is my miracle dress. I think I have posted about this before so I will move on.

Today I had some time to kill and I thought I would shop. Window shop online. I found some fun stuff. Wanna see? Of course you do.

I have no idea what draws me to this shirt but I feel the need...

Jeans are my favorite article of clothing

I am a lover of bracelets

What about this dress? I can see it hanging in the closet...!

Did I mention that I love earrings?

I am itching to actually order this stuff. In case you are in the mood to shop I found all this stuff at Forever21. I love that store.

Now I am hunting for the perfect shoes to go along with the outfits...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Baking Cakes

Last weekend we threw a little shindig for our friends and their baby. They do not live in Abilene anymore so it was just a time for all our friends to come and see the newest family member.

A few days before this party I read this post from Alison and I loved the cake so I tried my best to steal the idea. I hope you don't mind Alison. I enjoy everything about you even your cake style.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life in this day

Today I started the decorating projects for our VBS which is next week. Instead of being on the computer I need to be learning the motions for our songs. VBS week is a great chance to get your groove on. I am just not in the mood to dance right now.

I am sitting here contemplating a lot of nothing. Actually a lot of everything but nothing that is going to change here in the next few minutes.

Transition is hard. The new couple is here and we are in the throws of getting to know them and introducing our students to them. There are minutes when I am sitting talking with her and laughing about the girls when all of a sudden the thought hits me..."I am handing them to you"...immediate gut punch. I know this is God's plan, however, it does not make it any easier.

The new couple are very nice and I am sure they will be great. In ministry it is weird when someone steps into your job. It is almost like they live your life and what was your love becomes theirs.

This Sunday is our last Sunday to be in the official Youth Pastor position. After that we will be hanging around the college class until our move at the end of the summer. We are going to be at many camps and all so we should be pretty busy.

Above all this I am desiring a word from my Father about our next step. My faith is being tested. We still have no clue where we are going.

Today while driving to the church alone I was talking to my Father and asked for some answers. He did not give me answers yet his word was spoken. This is what he said to me...I want you to praise me...even now...when you are hurting...praise me LOUD.

I turned up the music praised him in song, with tears, and in words of surrender. He is worth all my praise even on this a bleak and dreary faith day.

I do praise him for the unknown. I do love him to the extent of my knowledge. He is so in control of my life. It does not matter that I feel completely out of control.

Even yesterday I was just talking to God and in my head I was saying "my heart is sad" but when the words were spoken I said "my heart is steadfast". He is in control. My hope lies in him.

Just a note to say that the whole time I typed this out Carly was standing next to me doing card tricks. An illusionist in training.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Are we there yet?

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


Looking out my window the same scenery graces my eyes and yet I ask...

"Are we there yet?"

no. not yet.

Would it be helpful to know where 'there' is?
What do you want us to do next?
Will our house sell?
Do you still see me here?
Do you know how tired I am?
Do you know how very scared I am?

My heart yearns for more of you and less of me.