Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Only in my (big) Dreams...& a poll

The funniest thing happened while at the Astros game.

The nice couple sitting next to me kept starring at me. It was strange. I would look at them and they would just smile a big grin. I just assumed that maybe they were looking over me to something else. hopefully.

Then the nice lady leans over and asks me a question. I could barely hear her so I ask her to say it again...

Here is what she says...

nice lady:Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kate Hudson?


nice lady:Kate Hudson, the actress?

me:Only in my dreams...(laughter ensues)

Kate Hudson? That is a new one. I would love to look like Kate. Let's just take an inventory here....She has blonde hair, she is very skinny, I have dark hair, darker skin...

The baseball hat must work wonders. I think I may wear one for the rest of my days.

This brings me to a poll I have been wanting to take for a while. Caleb, stop laughing! No matter where I am I end up getting the question...What are you? Meaning what nationality are you. While in Europe I got this question so much that we mused over taking an on-line poll. So in an effort for me to find out the not so scientific answer I am asking you to comment your thoughts. I know what I am partially, so there you have a hint, but I don't know the other half.

I need lots of answers so please comment. Send your friends...they may be bored...they may need something to do...tell them some strange woman is taking a strange poll...that should attract a wild bunch!


jen said...

lol, well I know the first part so I won't spoil it for the others... I'm thinking the other part may be Indian? The high cheek bones and structure of your face seem a bit Indian to me. I also see 100% Jesus in you. :) wink wink!

Teri said...

Ok, since I have never seen you in person I probably won't get it right...but I would are Alien. Oh, yes, from what I know of you...this world is not your home.
And I do agree with the post above that said Indian...although all of the politically correct people are calling out for reinforcements for her not using the P.C. "Native American." Except, I am not P.C. and I AM a bonafide, card carrying um yeah, that is my guess!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Um, I don't think I could guess that, having never seen you in person. Another reason why the Lord needs to let us meet up! I've always thought it would be fun to say I was French because that would make me automatically beautiful, sophisticated, and well dressed. So there you must be French.

oh amanda said...

Oh, I couldn't guess! I'm so bad at that! But I can see a little Kate in your picture! Go for it! Now you can say, "People tell me I look like Kate!"

Shelly said...

This is hysterical! I had to scroll back up when I read the 'Kate Hudson' reference and you stinking do!!!!

And seeing as I'm only going off a picture with you in a hat, I could be way off my first though was French, and then I wondered Indian as well??

Who knows!!??? You'll have to tell us! :)

Caleb said...

One of my favorite lines from The Office:

"Michael: Wow, you are very exotic looking. Was your dad a G.I., or … ?"

My guess is 1/2 hispanic, 1/4 red headed caucasian (think Opie Taylor and his freckles), and 1/4 French (by way of Louisiana).

This smells like the Lifetime Channel's first reality TV show. Remember me when you're famous!

Deborah said...

well if that is you in the photo you sure do look like her!!!!!!!!!!

kittyhox said...

I'm not going to read anyone else's comments before I guess.

Now how specific are we supposed to be?
I'm going to guess Irish and Native American.

Because, obviously, I have no idea! But you have such a lovely tan and you manage to look (to me) both exotic and All-American.

So that's my best guess.

I'm the most boring combination in the world (English-Scotch-Irish) and it shows. I am always the palest person in any crowd.

Anonymous said...

This is Kate Hudson and as I was reading your blog I thought that we do indeed look some what similiar. Maybe we are distant relatives?!?

Debra said...


Maybe we are?

I will have to tell that crazy story later.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I do see a little Kate in you! Work it!

And I LOVE the Sprinkles picture. Next time you're in! You know we'll meet you at Sprinkles...or really any other eatery!

kittyhox said...

Okay, wait. Did you ever post the answer to this poll?

For some reason this just popped into my head as I looked at your hs photos. I graduated in 94 (at 17 - so we must be about the same age!)... :)