Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All Things Transparent

I like vellum paper. I like it in clear or in colored versions. I like those cute vellum gift bags. The kind you can get at bath junkie.

Sunday, while at Buffalo Gap State Park pool, I noticed that the floats that caught my eye were the transparent ones. One was a green alligator and the other was a blue dolphin. Something about them were just different from the others. They stood out to me in a big way.

I sat there (with time on my hands) and thought about how I like vellum paper and well mostly all things transparent.

I moved on to think how that is me in a nutshell. I am about all things being out in the open. To me it is beauty.

I love transparent people. I love to know about ones real life not the facade that they want you to see. Truly, I am not about people who want to show off a facade. I have been guilty of being one of those people before. No more.

I remember being young in ministry and thinking I had to present our family in such a way. Those days are over. We are Jesus Lovers through and through but yes we make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. My kids sometime misbehave and cry at the worst of times. I remember the "staff" dresses that I purchased. Also, as a teen going to camp purchasing cullotes that were that camp appropriate, might I add, I only wore them on that week.

It may sound like I am on a rant but I promise I am not. Just some thoughts from a strange brain.

Am I the only out here like this? Do we all long to see transparency?


Teri said...

Yes yes yes Debra! I too am totally into authenticity. Ministry can be harsh at times, especially when other peoples expectations of you come crashing down with the pedestals they put you on. We fail often as humans. We fail often as ministers. We rely heavily on the grace of God to carry us! I am so full of gratitude for that grace. You rock Debra. And so He keeps you in the crook of His strong arm, held against His chest. That is a great place to be! XXXXXX

Deidre said...

Ohhh, that is a foundation for a wonderful lesson.

After some thought, I'm drawn to all things transparent, but I don't necessarily like to be myself. I'm not very trusting which I'm not at all proud of ... an area God is dealing with me.

However, transparency and authenticity complete draws me to other people (I guess that's hypocricy, right?).

jen said...

A blog after a scrapbookers own heart. I love using vellum on my pages. All types. It's all beautiful to me. Relating it to people? Well said. I too enjoy the genuine article. Nothing hidden, no fake-ness. Although I do catch myself trying to "look good" or look like I've got it all under control sometimes. Definatly something I'm sure many of us deal with. Good post! :)