Thursday, March 29, 2007

Into Marvelous Light

I woke up this morning and to my dismay it was still storming outside. The thunder was loud. The sound of rain was pounding with an amazing amount of strength. I am a lover of many things, some truth here is, I am no lover of storms. Exactly the opposite. Couple the storm with my first time to fly alone and there you can picture me, One frazzeled woman.

I cried out to the Lord. "I am following you, Lord...why is this so hard." "Why is fear overwhelming my thoughts?" He heard my words once again. In my spirit, I knew that God was in control of this storm. I know that he is in control of my life. The words from my heart to his, "I choose to not be afraid, I choose you."

We load up our sleepy children and head for the airport. The thunder somewhat fading in the distance, the rain letting up. I get there 5 minutes too late to check in my bags so I must carry them both on. I go through my bags and hand over all the above 4 oz. liquids and gels to my amazing man, give him & the kids a kiss, and then I was gone.

I am sitting on this very quite plane all alone. Well, not ALL alone, but follow me here. I am battling the fear that is beating at the wall of my heart. Lord give me strength.

The pilot comes over the intercom and says the ride will be so bumpy that the stewardess will not get up...and neither will you. It will not be safe. Fear?

We take off and the ride proves to be bumpier than a good ole wooden roller coaster! The clouds were so thick, the sky so dark, I wondered, how can the pilot see? A voice spoke to my heart. Debra, sometimes, I will call you to follow me even when you are scared...even when you have not a clue about what I am doing. I know how to get you through the storm. I am the ultimate pilot.

Soothing. Thank you for the words.

Soon we are above the storm. The clouds are amazing. This sight was new to my eyes. Fluffy white, full, dreamy if you will...God put this here for me. His goodness after a storm. I was more than content with his act of love.

He proved me silly.

We keep moving past the storm and cloudiness and to my amazement, I finally see it, the sun. The beautiful sunrise that I was hoping to see. Past the storm God brought out his beauty. He was so with me. I asked him to travel with me. I didn't know he was going to romance me along the way.

There's more...

I am calm enough to listen to some music. I turn on the mp3 and hear the first sounds, I like this song, what is it? I look down and I see the words. Look at the picture above and see what was playing as I was looking out my window to the beautiful sunrise. The playlist was set to random but my God was thinking romance.

I love him.

I love him!

He is so good.

He loves me.

Into marvelous light I'm running! I will follow you.


Karina said...

I hate to fly too and have panic attacks, if im not nursing or pregnant I take valium, Praise God for your testimony, it was great!

Jen said...

Isn't God Awesome!! I don't know why it always amazes me when I hear (or experience) His control over everything...even an mp3 player :) The picture above the clouds - the sunrise - is beautiful. I am so glad to hear that He calmed the storm for the rest of your flight. As the pilot guided the plane through the bumpy storm, God is guiding you through your bumpy fears. Into the Light! My prayers go with you that He may have His hand not only on your return trip, but also this conference.