Friday, April 27, 2007

God Happened!

Whirlwind. That would be a good way to describe this week. A lot of change has happened and it is soon to be revealed. Soon enough I promise you will be in the know. I said this to bring in a very cool thing that happened on Wednesday.

God happened.

It was so good. He came in the form of crazy youth pastor guys. We shared with the Abilene Youth Coalition the "news" that we have. They got up from their seats circled around us and prayed. PRAYED. They laid their hands on us and one guy even knelt down and held onto Ernest's feet. In this group of men and women there is no pride for who is better or who is more liked. It about being there for one another and also for our common goal of reaching youth for God. Love was poured out.

They spoke words over us and to us. There was a point, when Craig was sharing to Ernest something that he felt God was speaking to him, that I looked at Ernest and saw his emotion overwhelm. We needed this. We needed God in the flesh and he sent these men and women to be there.

One thing we are sure of is we want to be in the presence of God. Always. We will be crazy in honor of him. We will follow him when others may think we are crazy.

It is all about him.

He is the orchestrator of all. I trust him.

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