Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What will the other moms think?

The girl needs me to send in a recipe for a project that she is doing at school. She has reminded me a little over one hundred times today. To top it all off she requested that I send the recipe for my famous sugar cookies. Really? Out of all the wonderful meals I serve this is the one you want. I aim to please so I typed out this secret recipe.

I am almost positive this is for a mother's day recipe book. Once again I say...what will the other mothers think? Honesty has always been a strong point for me so I press on.

For your viewing pleasure I have posted my recipe below. You should try it at once.

Mom’s Famous Sugar Cookies

1. Get in car and drive to local grocery store
2. Get a cart and proceed to refrigerated section
3. Search high and low until you find the main ingredient
Pillsbury break-and-bake sugar cookies
4. Walk to cashier and make the purchase
5. Drive home
6. Walk into the kitchen
7. Follow directions on the back of the wrapper
8. Don’t forget to keep the box top
9. When done put on dryer rack and let the smell overwhelm the house
10. Let the family enjoy “mom’s” famous cookies


Karina said...

LOL..... too funny!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

The other moms will think: WHEW- I am so glad I'm not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teri said...

I am sure you gave up on "What will the other mom's think?" eons ago! Authenticity is so refreshing. If I saw that, I would search high and low for that mom and have one huge knuckle knock! You rock Debra, I wish I lived in Texas!

Deidre said...

Well, I can tell you what I was thinking before I scrolled down. "Oh, she has a secret recipe? I use the store-bought kind". Those other moms will be relieved! :)

Maggie said...

What. No icing? I'm appalled. :D

jen said...

lol, this is too funny! I buy famous fridge cookies all the time! I'm so proud of you for posting this and turning it in, you go girl!!! *cyber high-five*

Jen said...

I have the SAME secret recipe!! I am literally laughing out loud right now! I'd be thinking, now THERE is a mother I have to meet :)

oh amanda said...

I can't believe we have the same secret recipe! Here's another one of mine you might like:

Thanks for the giggle!