Thursday, March 29, 2007

Into Marvelous Light

I woke up this morning and to my dismay it was still storming outside. The thunder was loud. The sound of rain was pounding with an amazing amount of strength. I am a lover of many things, some truth here is, I am no lover of storms. Exactly the opposite. Couple the storm with my first time to fly alone and there you can picture me, One frazzeled woman.

I cried out to the Lord. "I am following you, Lord...why is this so hard." "Why is fear overwhelming my thoughts?" He heard my words once again. In my spirit, I knew that God was in control of this storm. I know that he is in control of my life. The words from my heart to his, "I choose to not be afraid, I choose you."

We load up our sleepy children and head for the airport. The thunder somewhat fading in the distance, the rain letting up. I get there 5 minutes too late to check in my bags so I must carry them both on. I go through my bags and hand over all the above 4 oz. liquids and gels to my amazing man, give him & the kids a kiss, and then I was gone.

I am sitting on this very quite plane all alone. Well, not ALL alone, but follow me here. I am battling the fear that is beating at the wall of my heart. Lord give me strength.

The pilot comes over the intercom and says the ride will be so bumpy that the stewardess will not get up...and neither will you. It will not be safe. Fear?

We take off and the ride proves to be bumpier than a good ole wooden roller coaster! The clouds were so thick, the sky so dark, I wondered, how can the pilot see? A voice spoke to my heart. Debra, sometimes, I will call you to follow me even when you are scared...even when you have not a clue about what I am doing. I know how to get you through the storm. I am the ultimate pilot.

Soothing. Thank you for the words.

Soon we are above the storm. The clouds are amazing. This sight was new to my eyes. Fluffy white, full, dreamy if you will...God put this here for me. His goodness after a storm. I was more than content with his act of love.

He proved me silly.

We keep moving past the storm and cloudiness and to my amazement, I finally see it, the sun. The beautiful sunrise that I was hoping to see. Past the storm God brought out his beauty. He was so with me. I asked him to travel with me. I didn't know he was going to romance me along the way.

There's more...

I am calm enough to listen to some music. I turn on the mp3 and hear the first sounds, I like this song, what is it? I look down and I see the words. Look at the picture above and see what was playing as I was looking out my window to the beautiful sunrise. The playlist was set to random but my God was thinking romance.

I love him.

I love him!

He is so good.

He loves me.

Into marvelous light I'm running! I will follow you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It is getting so close

I think I have finished most things on the "trusty" old to-do list.

T-shirts have been ordered. Business cards made. (They look different than what I posted earlier.) I will post a picture of one in person. Sessions have been memorized and slide shows complete. Prayer has been constant...I love that.

I even have picked out what I am going to wear. I will be sporting my favorite shoes talked about in a previous post. This is such a girl kind of post.

My sessions have been recorded, after listening to them, I realized that my accent has returned. When did that happen? I was so proud that I had lost it after living in Missouri for so long.

My point in telling you all this boring stuff is this, I am new, I have not a clue what I am doing. I am following God all the way. I love him and he has seen me through every step that I feel impossible to take. When I think about the responsibility of this weekend my thoughts overflow with so many questions. Over and over God has hushed my words and spoken a calmness to me. He is so in control.

Pray for me to be close, to not stress, and to enjoy the ride with my Father.

I fly out bright and early Thursday morning. My husband will be taking our Students to Dallas for ATF. Our children will be enjoying themselves while staying with families from our church. This is the first time I will not be on a youth trip with my girls, more than that, with my husband. I already miss him.

I can't wait to tell you all about my weekend.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Legacy of an adopted child

Once there were two women
Who never knew each other
One you do not remember
The other you call, "mother"

Two different lives
Shaped to make your one
One became your guiding star
The other became your sun

The first gave you life
The other taught you to live it
The first gave you a need for love
The second was there to give it

One gave you a nationality
The other gave you a name
One gave you the seed of talent
The other gave you aim

One gave you emotions
The other calmed your fears
One saw your first sweet smile
The other dried your tears

One gave you up
It was all she could do
The other prayed for a child
God lead her straight to you

Now you ask me through your tears
The age old question through the years
Heredity or environment
Which are you the product of?

Neither, my darling, neither
Just two different kinds of love

Author Unknown

This hits every string in my heart at this strong moment. The unknown is ahead. Is there a baby waiting for us? We will move when God says go.

In a deeper part of my heart the words touch somewhere sweet. Two women came together to see that I had a home. A birth mom and "my" mom, forever, I am in love. Two women, one love.

Jake the dog

I would like to introduce you to Jake. He is the newest member of our little family. We have no idea what kind of mix he is but we don't really care. His first night with us was pleasant. I just thought I would keep you updated on the goings on of our clan.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


This was so fun to do! I want to take a photography class so bad. I could get a book but that would be so boring to read. Anyone photographer out there need someone to shadow them?

Mommy and Baby

I went to visit with a friend and her new baby. I took along the camera in hopes she would let me capture a few shots. She did. The ones of mom and baby came out so sweet. These are a taste of the results.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Business Card

This is the "maybe" new business card. Please read the post below.

**I know the greens do not match up but that will be fixed by the print shop.**

Need Your Help

I know, what in the world? I need your help. All of you...please. These are possible designs for T-shirts for my girls ministry. Will you help me creatively decide which one to use or to scrap them and start over.

The green one has a bit of a different shade under the graphic. That can be changed. The white decoration will wrap to the back of the T-shirt about as much as it is on the front. My myspace address for this ministry will be on the back center under the neckline.

The stripes on the gray one will be more right than the appear in the picture. The word becoming will be toward the bottom of the T-shirt. The back will have the same tag under the neckline.

Some things to consider:
1. These are for teen girls
2. Boobbage (we don't want to draw attention to)
3. These will be on regular T's

Monday, March 19, 2007

Shoe Talk

Jamie I followed your lead. Here are my favorite shoes. I wear them more than any other pair I own. This is a photo tag from Adventures in tag you are it.

I had to think long and hard about what shoes I wanted to post. These are my all around favorites, but truly, it is hard to choose just one pair. We-are-talking-shoes-here-ladies....

I am going to ask my mother-in-law what shoes are her favorite. If you are reading this comment your answer please. I am so curious which ones would hold the honor out of your numerous collection.

Have an amazing day. I am off to study and memorize.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Loving this re-do

This week my motto may as well have been "I stinketh". I said the made up phrase over and over. The kids in the mud their parents in the garden. We have worked so hard this week. We completed the re-do in the back patio. (one day we will stain the concrete, but not this time around) I love it. We finished the flower bed in the front yard. We had to clean it out. I made many calls to my daddy in Houston. He owns a landscaping company so he gives me lots of advice. We found 4 rose bushes under all the overgrown honeysuckle. I planted some bulbs please don't ask me to remember what they are called. My husbands truck is full of stuff to be dumped. The greatest news of our day was that we got mulch for free. We had to shovel it into our truck ourselves but it was so worth it.

Something else I found funny...My daughter had a birthday party to attend today at the Grace Museum. She was all dolled up. Here we go, her mother dropping her off in the middle of her garden work day...Remember...I sitnketh...and I also looketh the part. Not only did I have to walk her in but they were having a wedding reception in the lobby. You should have seen the looks.

The vegetable garden is yet to be planted. Maybe tomorrow...?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cold Feet

I am beginning to get cold feet about an upcoming engagement. The first speaking engagement for me alone (without my man). Nervous is beginning to be an understatement.

I need lots of prayer please...

Marcie if you are reading this... stop laughing.

If you would like to be specific in your can intercede for good memorization. I would like to work without notes. My sessions are short so this is not a crazy stretch.

I am a little embarrassed to be talking about the coolness of my feet. Be easy with me. I do know that God is in control. I just don't want to mess anything up with my words.

I am also flying solo! This will be a first.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away, I have bored kids here today.

I sing a new song today. What we successfully had dug out is now a pool of mud. Why is it when we have a project to rains? It only rains here like two times a year. Yes, I am exaggerating.

The sun is out today. yeah. The kids were happy to be able to plant the veggies. Wrong. The water has subsided but now we have mud where our garden is soon, or not so soon, to be. They have been so eager to get out there and work especially with shovels. Today was going to be that day. I thought what the harm let them shovel the mud around. After leaving them to do that I went into the garage to sand the table. When I returned to check on them this (the pictures)is what I found. Mud fight. They were literally rolling around in the mud. Having the greatest time, of course.

The question of the day, what will they enjoy more...a garden...or a mud pit? I will let you decide for yourself.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Garden Time

The sound of rain is so soothing to me. It has been raining all day. This is a very strange thing for our city. It never rains here. I honestly cannot remember the last day like the marvelous one we are having today.

The rain is much needed. We have started our "spring break" project, the garden. We are planning on planting vegetables tomorrow. The kids worked so hard yesterday digging, tilling, and more sweating than they thought they could handle. It was very rewarding for them to see the "almost" finished product. Please pray that our vegetables actually grow.

We are also redoing our back patio. I have been browsing antique stores and flea markets for "good finds" a lot in the last couple of weeks. I am happy to report that I found some great junk that will make our back patio a comfortable place to be. I will post pictures of that later this week when I am farther along in the project. I think I spent all of $50 for a table and four chairs. After some fresh paint and creative love they will be amazing. I planted (in pots) my favorite flowers. They are all white. I love white hydrangeas. It is amazing how they can lift the spirits of this weary one. I even bought some while in Belgium and carried them around all day. To have them was worth all the effort. I don't care if people thought (knew) I was weird.

A lot of work to be done this week. I am getting old. Instead of breaking out the bathing suit and heading to some crazy beach, I am planting a garden. My, my how time changes things. (I never went to the beach on spring break but the desire was ever present.)

What are your plans for Spring Break 07?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

We are Family

Tonight we went "out" to dinner at my favorite fast food place, Chicken Express. We had a fun time sitting and laughing with one another. It felt very carefree. Moments like this one have been few and far between lately. We tend to find ourselves overly busy with our youth, kids games, practices and seriously the list could go on and on. Thursday nights we try to always set aside for family night. It has been a good decision that we have been trying to keep for years now. After dinner we went to watch our son in his school performance of Suessical. He was one of the dancers. That little man steals my heart afresh each day. You know the feeling?

You might notice the boy reading in one of the pictures...they always have a book with them! I guess they bring one in case mom and dad prove once again to not captivate their attention. I think it is funny. My two are (by far) not the children you see sitting quietly and ever so politely at restaurants. We as a family spill over into the rest of the place. I would like to say they (the others in my clan) are loud, but truth be told, it is all of us. Hush is a constant word out of my mouth, that and, sit still.

Maybe we will learn one day...?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My favorite things

Chi flat iron

Victoria's Secret Body Scrub in Pear Glace'

Infusium 23 Shampoo & Conditioner (Frizz Control)

Biosilk mousse (for those curly days)

Clinique Lip Balm in Mango tint

Exilim Casio Digital Camera

Cell phone


My purple duct tape bible

Tan Bag/Purse by Sak

Big, bold copper earrings from Sam Moon

Layered clothing

Pottery Barn (especially kids)

What are your favorite things?
Share with me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

His favorite

Butterflies were racing in my stomach as I sat and waited for her turn. My daughter was going to do a cheer/dance in front of a large crowd and I knew that she was scared. As I was waiting I began to think about the love that I have for her. It is more than I can express. If you are a parent you know what I am talking about. My thoughts began to wonder on the the way that my heavenly father loves me. Loves us. I often tell my little one that she is my favorite girl in all the world, that if I could hand pick any to be mine, I would choose her. In essence that is what my father glazed over me tonight. Afresh. I love you sweet child. You are my favorite. If I could choose of any I would choose you.

I wanted to share this with you, he feels the same way about you. He loves you. You are his favorite.

I needed to hear his voice today...maybe you did too.

One last thought
. When she finally reached the stage, I watched her with much determination. Nothing would take my focus off of this sweet one. As they were waiting for the music to start my husband yelled out her name to show his love for her and her above all. Our God loves us that big. He knows when we are scared and feeling overwhelmed. He is watching and some moments he even yells out our name with great pride. She's mine, and I want everyone to know.

Love him back today.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The "Ugly table" theory

If you are feeling a bit confused about my last post and the "ugly room" check out this post from a great friend. We reread it today and laughter overtook us. We miss you guys terribly!

Downtown Date Night

A great new restaurant opened up in downtown. Tonight was the night for us to go in and try it out. I loved it. The beehive is "known" as one of the best places to get steaks. It has been featured in Southern Living magazine. The original one is in Albany, Texas. I am so glad that we now have one here in Abilene. I love having dinner downtown.

For Caleb's pleasure reading...

Tonight we were pleasured to move beyond the "ugly" table to the ugly room. Yes, you read that correctly. There was a whole room that was basically shut off from the rest of the restaurant. Where do you think it was positioned? Next door to the kitchen. We got a good laugh out of this.

Ugly table...ugly room...oh well...

Friday, March 02, 2007


Here are some pictures from Ernest trip to Chicago. He was there for a Lift staff meeting. It was his first time to the big city.