Thursday, March 08, 2007

We are Family

Tonight we went "out" to dinner at my favorite fast food place, Chicken Express. We had a fun time sitting and laughing with one another. It felt very carefree. Moments like this one have been few and far between lately. We tend to find ourselves overly busy with our youth, kids games, practices and seriously the list could go on and on. Thursday nights we try to always set aside for family night. It has been a good decision that we have been trying to keep for years now. After dinner we went to watch our son in his school performance of Suessical. He was one of the dancers. That little man steals my heart afresh each day. You know the feeling?

You might notice the boy reading in one of the pictures...they always have a book with them! I guess they bring one in case mom and dad prove once again to not captivate their attention. I think it is funny. My two are (by far) not the children you see sitting quietly and ever so politely at restaurants. We as a family spill over into the rest of the place. I would like to say they (the others in my clan) are loud, but truth be told, it is all of us. Hush is a constant word out of my mouth, that and, sit still.

Maybe we will learn one day...?

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