Sunday, June 17, 2007

Surprises and Tears on Father's Day

Sneaky. That is what attribute I had today.

Since things have been kind of crazy around our life lately I decided not to tell my parents we were coming to Houston. I did not want to disappoint them if we decided to take our week and sleep. When I knew for sure that we were coming I continued to keep my mouth shut about our plans in order host a grand surprise.

I love surprises.

When we come to town we stay at Ernest's parents house. (My parents only live about 10 minutes away.) The funny thing is my mom called and talked to me right after we arrived. My plan was to not be found out so I could walk into my parents church and surprise my dad.

Ernest was preaching for his dad, however, I decided to skip out on his message and head farther down 59 for some much needed 'time'.

Finally, I make it to the church, get out, and honestly I can feel the size of my hair growing from all the humidity. That is one thing that I do not miss about H-town. I make my way to the entrance of their small church and quickly am greeted by an usher. Sweetness. I scan the room looking for the one man in the room without gray hair. I make my way over to his pew start walking towards him and I get the blankest stare I have ever seen. He is looking right at me and yet has not 'noticed' me. He had that look on his face of "I know that person". You know the look? It was so funny. The moment he realized it was me, was well, worth all the effort. The biggest smile and strongest hug. Love. Then that is when it happened. He cried. Did you hear me? He cried.

The surprise worked. There was nothing he could have wanted more than to have one of his very own sit beside him in church. My daddy, I love him.

My mom soon noticed me (from the choir loft) and with the same eagerness showed me her love and joy. My dad had to stand and make a bold announcement that his baby daughter was there from Abilene to see him and that I made him cry. What a man!

So, to my daddy, I love you, For so many things to numerous to list. You have held me captive for many years. That is the way it is suppose to be. I will never forget your tears as we walked the aisle at my wedding. I considered not becoming a Mrs. if it would cost your heart. Forever you will always be my daddy. The first man in my life.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Debra, that is the sweetest thing in the world.

Teri said...

Debra, that is amazing. Your relationship with your Dad is so sweet and reading about it touched me! Have a great time this week in H-town!

jen said...

Sweet sweet sweet story girl. Made me tear up. I hope you guys are having a blast this week, you deserve it! Hugs!

kittyhox said...

Oh my gosh, this made my eyes fill with tears. I wasn't blessed with this kind of a relationship with my father and it just tickles me to hear about the sweetness between you. Your relationship is such a treasure.

I hope your visit to Houston was wonderful!