Monday, June 25, 2007

He is 8!

Colton and Biggio

What does the world look like for this amazing kid?

Today my boy, our baby, turned 8 years old. We woke up early to make his favorite breakfast, eggs and bacon. He opened presents and has already went shopping to pick out a game boy game for his new game boy. He has been saving for some time and now his joy is complete (for today).

For birthday festivities he has requested that we play "parker baseball". If the weather holds up you will see the four of us out at the ballpark acting like the pros that we are. I think this afternoon we are going to prepare with some batting practice at the local cages. I've got to get my game on.

We will end our evening enjoying Colton's favorite cuisine, "ballpark" dogs and "baseball" peanuts.

We had so much fun at the game on Friday night. We took Colton for his birthday. He loved every second of the game. We arrived before the doors opened so that we could try to get some autographs. If I had a more aggressive boy he would have scored many but no worries. He came away with a script from Jason Jennings. Not only did he get that but he sat forever and admired his favorite players Biggio and Berkman.

I am so honored to go through life with this child. He is precious, crazy, wild and so much more. He is the kid that carries 4 bibles to church for extra credit. I am serious. He receives more bible bucks for each bible brought. We think it is funny but he does not care. He likes cool hair cuts and his camo shorts. He thinks girls are gross and I love that. To this day there are times when he will reach out and grab my long will this last?

I treasure him. My boy.

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jen said...

What a sweet sweet picture! You have two of the best kiddos! Happy b-day Colton!