Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My cardio work-out

This week I do not have to worry about doing cardio. It is being taken care of at VBS. That is right, singing and dancing is my job! My legs are sore as well as my cheeks from smiling so much. I love leading those kids in worship. It is so amazing. They have no reservation...that is so fresh.

Monday we had 111 kids and 70 workers

Today we had 124 kids and 65 workers

**Updated to add**

Wednesday we had 132 kids and about 70 workers

Thursday we had 126 kids and we celebrated 22 children who believed in Christ!!!

Friday we had 125 kids and a lot of workers (I didn't count)

If you are looking for a great vbs to do check out Group's Avalanche Ranch. They put out a new one each year. We are always more than pleased with their presentation.

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jen said...

You're doing an awesome job! It's neat to see you not only leading the kids, but practicing in worship when you're up there. Today the kids were so full of energy I could FEEL them getting more and more pumped as the day went on. This is a really cool VBS! I can't believe it's our last one with ya'll. God is getting an awesome pair of servants!!