Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Cardio Work-Out in Pictures

Saddling up some horses getting ready to blaze a trail

Ernest in Showtime Round-Up

Praising Loud

Pure Craziness

Something we are not is country. We are not about country music or anything similar yet this week we are on a wild ride with everything country and loving every second.


Shelly said...

LOL! Love these pictures! You look like you're having an absolute blast!

(And I just had to smile at your 'amen' reference...praise Him.)

oh amanda said...

There is nothing like a good VBS song! You're changing lives!

jen said...

I love that first photo to death! You are so stinkin skiny girl. Praising God with you this week has been one of the many highlight from VBS for me. This has been the best one yet. You guys are awesome!

Teri said...

Not even a lil bit country? Keep praising Him Debra, He is going to MOVE!

Alison Bynum said...


Here's my husband's tattoo story with his tattoo out of the Barbarian Way:

marcie said...

Oh how I DONT miss the days of VBS!!! I wouldve paid some serious money to see you dancing to country LOL