Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chasing HIM.

Do you long to be a world changer? Do you? Are you truly in love with God? If you love him as much as you say you do then what would you do for Him? Would you risk failure? Would you risk security? Would you risk loosing yourself? How much do you care about your image? Would you be willing to be crazy for him? Key word...crazy. People might just think you are crazy. Are you okay with that?

These are all questions that I have had to answer in the last year. It is essentially where the rubber met the road. Where my true love would be shown.

I, in no means, am perfect. Actually far from it. FAR. We have been places. We have hurt each other and other people all the while lathering in selfishness. We have learned grace through horrible circumstances. We faced many failures in our faith walk all the way back to our teenage years.

All the while something divine was happening. God was essentially wooing us to him. We knew him we just didn't know him.

Today I read in 1 Samuel 14 about Jonathan going out and taking on the Philistines all the while Saul is sitting under a tree. I long to be a Jonathan rather than a Saul. I don't merely want to watch this God thing happen, I want to be in the midst of it. I feel renewed in my faith today. Thank You Father. I don't care what I will be doing in the midst of things...I will change trash can liners for my LORD. Wherever he chooses for me to be will be my happiness. He is happiness.

We can all be God lovers. That is the beauty. We are all called to an adventure! Are you out of your comfort zone? That is a pretty big clue that you are in God's amazing will.

At the end of your life...what will the headline of your life say. Not what do you want it to say but what (because of the way you live your life) will it say...

He is out there. Chase after HIM.

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