Friday, December 08, 2006

home improvement skills

Project 1: The kitchen

I can see in the kitchen cabinets. It is hard to handle. The project is far from being done yet we have high hopes that we will finish tomorrow. Great hope. Our cabinets were in need of a new finish. Ernest put in wainscoting from the cabinet to the top of the wall. That looks really good. He is now painting them black. We are hoping that is comes out good. I am a little nervous about the black. I would love to have stainless appliances now. They would look great against the black cabinets.

Project 2: The loft

I painted the walls upstairs last Saturday. It is the same coffee color that the rest of our house is painted in. We are in the process of redoing upstairs into a bonus family room. A futon will go up there for when we have company in town. They will appreciate the upgrade from the good ole air mattress. Tomorrow we need to finish changing out the plugs from the classic tan to white.

***Interruption***Ernest just came in from getting something out of his truck and to our amazement...we were hit! The life and times of a youth pastor. This is the fifteenth hundredth time our house has been wrapped. Usually we are sleeping while it happens. Can you believe it...we were just sitting here in the living room. When Ernest went out they must have thought they were getting caught because they speedily drove away and might I add honking all the way. I guess we have one more thing to do tomorrow. Ernest's truck was wrapped in foil, kite string strung along the yard, and of course toilet paper in our lonely trees. I hope you enjoy the pic of this memorable event. It is pretty dark so you can't see the full damage.

Too funny.


Caleb said...

We want to be the first to use the futon.

Caleb said...

Oh, and myspace sucks. So glad that you're blogging here instead.

Karina said...

oh wow, show us the upgrades!