Monday, January 08, 2007

9 years already?

On this day 9 years ago, Carly graced us with her presence. I have never been the same. She changed me in so many ways. The amount of love that you have for your child is just not measurable. I was just trying to think of my life before Carly and to be honest there was not much of one. I had her at the young age of 21. I was so starry eyed about marriage and motherhood.

So many things about that day I will treasure always. The way I could not keep my eyes off her, the way we whispered when she slept, It was such a wonderful day. It was love at first sight. She was mine and I was hers...Forever. She looked so cute in her "bring home" outfit. Dressing her was all I dreamed about. I had found my place in life. Yes, that is how I felt.

She is growing so quickly. We walked the mall today and chatted the whole time. When did that happen? She loved every minute of this special day. Everyone she came in contact with knew that it was her birthday. She woke us this morning saying, "Come on guys, you are burning daylight on my birthday...get up."

I love that little girl. She is my favorite girl in the whole world. How very lucky I am.

Thank you Father for entrusting me with this precious child. I adore her. Teach me how you desire her to be loved. Grow her love for you. Leaning on you.



Karina said...

It goes by oh soooo fast!!!! Happy Bday!

marcie said...

She looks so beautiful in that picture. Crazy that you can have a daughter that old when you are only 18 yourself :-)

ernest & debra said...

you are too funny.