Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dreaming of Sunny Days

This is my 5th consecutive day in the house. My kids have been sick but are now better. The temperature today is 22 and we have a major freeze going on. We decided that I should keep them in since they have just become well.

All that to say...I have cabin fever!

What to do with my time? I have been searching out condos on South Padre Island. That is where we would like to vacation this summer. It is not a far drive from Abilene and it is water. It meets my criteria. We camped last year (Ernest's choice) so the beach this year.

I am so ready for warm water and sun. It is sort of hard to plan when we don't know the dates of vacation yet. Our summers are usually very busy. I thought about going Spring Break but quickly changed my mind due to all the partying there.

I am just looking for a little beach house or condo hopefully on the water. I am trusting God to point us in the right direction. A place to go and revive our souls and love on the children.

Will you pray with me?

I know it may seem simple but I would appreciate it.

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