Monday, January 01, 2007

Snow Lift 2006

What great fun!

It has been a busy week. We went to Springfield, Mo. for Snow Lift Winter Camp. It is a long trip from Abilene to Springfield. Our students didn't mind the 12 hour bus ride. They will do almost anything to have a good time.

What can I say, I love camp! I wonder if I will ever grow out of it? It is not the activities for me...I could live without dodge ball. The presence of God is so present there. It is time when our students hold nothing back. They worship their father like no one else is watching. For a moment nothing else matters to them. I love that! In that place worship is so free. Why can it be like that when we get home? The weight of judgmental eyes on them is much. Oh Lord please teach us all to love more and worship freely.

I still stand amazed at why God has allowed me to minister to girls. I feel honored and humbled. I love them. When their heart breaks I am right there with them. Their tear stained face in the act of surrender is so beautiful. Thank you God for allowing me see your handiwork. You love them so much and I get to experience you lavish it on them. How amazing you are. Those moments are priceless.

Ernest also spoke at a break out session. He titled it "Don't Fight Naked". I was in the girls sessions but I heard that he did a great job. He spoke about being spiritually prepared to fight the daily battle. He gave the guys some practical advice and tips to use everyday. I love that man and I am very proud of him.


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