Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Against all hope, Debra believes!

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed...
Romans 4:18a

My worship time this morning has been wonderful. Yes, I am in a stretching period. I am happy with that. I do not want God to keep me in the place of sameness. I want to become more like him. Against all hope, In hope "Debra" believed. I want that statement to be true for my life. I love that the moment my eyes wonder off in hopelessness or discouragement God turns my head up to him. Nothing is too hard for my God. Nothing. Nothing I have done, no hurt that lingers in the pit of my heart. He is more than capable of making something out of nothing. I am so grateful for that. He is making me! I am still in the preparation stage. The stirring of the ingredients is tough. The outcome is great. On the other side, I will be more refined to do the work he has given me.

I am believing you to be HUGE. I know you are because of the presence you have had in my own life. Your strength amazes me. Your tenderness soothes me. I am in love with you.

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