Friday, February 16, 2007

From the princess herself

About the Daddy and Daughter Dance

We walked in the building and we got in line and took pictures. Then we went into the ballroom. We had to find table 49. And we found it. There were only two seats left. In my head I said awesome and perfect. So we sat down. We waited about ten minutes to get our food. Then I went to play with my balloon. Then the music started playing, I went to go and get daddy. I saw him talking to someone. I was about to tell him something, But Sarah (from my soccer team) came and told me that her dad was not dancing with her and she wanted me to get him to. So I walked over there and I said "As you may notice your daughter wants to dance with you and your talking. This is not a man to man talking place, this is a daddy and daughter dance." Then he went and danced with her. Then I went back to daddy and said "I will say exactly what I told Sarah's dad. This is not a man to man talking place this is a daddy and daughter dance." So we went and danced. Then we had to get our tickets and see if we won a prize. The we went back to dancing. Then they announced we have cookies and punch. Once again we have cookies and punch. So me and daddy went to get some. Then danced some more. Then came the chicken dance. Next was the marcarana dance. The next song was Jesus take the Wheel. Every little girl found their daddy and danced. Daddy and I went to dance at the back. Then we sat down. I looked in my bag and saw a yo yo. Then I went to get a cookie. I gave it to daddy for Valentine's Day. He put it in my bag. We went and danced some more. Then the last song came on. It was a slow song. It was butterfly kisses. When the song was over everyone went and got their stuff. That was the daddy and daughter dance story.

She came home from school today with this story in hand. I thought it was cute and worth letting you read. I copied exactly like she wrote it. I know a little girl who is in love with her daddy.


iveyfamily said...

Love this!

I hope that one day Aaron has a daughter to do this with!

Caleb said...
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Caleb said...

This blog is so real life. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading it. You write with so much honesty. I'm amazed and jealous.

Karina said...

That is soo sweet!