Saturday, February 10, 2007

To Bunko or Not to Bunko

I walked into the room and to my surprise I found ladies going crazy. There was hooping and hollering that could be heard from blocks away. What am I getting myself into? These days have been so busy that time needed with girlfriends is few and far between. Because of this I took the plunge and dropped into bunko night at my church.

I have gathered after the experience that I am just not a bunko kind of girl. I cannot really say why. Maybe it is the fact that I could not grab hold of the point of the game. I guess I am more of the coffee and conversation kind of girl. Does it matter that I do not like coffee? Can we just hang with the fact that I absolutely love the smell of Starbucks. I want to love it, I really do.

I played two rounds of this game which lasted 2 hours. The game I did not enjoy but the conversation I loved. There was a funny point in the night when we started talking about family lines and somehow my crazy story came up. I so need to share that with you. I promise I will when I get the time.

What I do know is the ladies present at this party love the game. They came with their game face on. It was every man (woman) for herself once the bell rang. I think there should be a rule that you have to check your nails at the door. Serious damage can be done when fighting over who get the dice first.

I was lucky enough to get a bunko (all the dice land on the certain number you are going for) for that I got the privilege to wear the pearl necklace until someone else got one. At the end of the night I was announced as the one who lost the most. Do you think that has something to do with the way I feel about the game?

It was great fun just to be around other women. I love to hang out and learn a little about my sisters. For that my night was well spent.

Will I ever play bunko again? I am just not sure. Bribe me with some friends and I will do almost anything! In that case I guess it is a yes...Or a maybe? *laughing*


marcie said...

I sooo can't believe you didnt love bunko lol

Amanda and Jackson said...

Oh girl, I love me some bunko. I hope you got a prize for most losses! If not, you can come sub for our group one night.

iveyfamily said...

My mom is in a bunko group and I have been with her and it is CRAZY! I haven't played since then!

Debra said...

I did not come away empty handed! I left five dollars richer. That is great for me due to the fact that I NEVER carry cash. It was a great prize.

Jennifer said...

I am so so glad that you came!! Yes, we are a crazy group! I love love love bunko! :) We're gonna do a movie night next so I'll save you a seat and a coffee bag to smell. :) LOL! Love you girl!