Saturday, April 07, 2007

One Snowy Spring Day

Such a strange happening. Snow. I love it. I wanted to share some pictures of our fun day. It was pretty normal all expect we had some errands to run and we did that in our new drive. It is so pretty and so much of a blessing. I have a car that runs people...and this one has leather seats. The last car purchase we made was 9 years ago. We have faithfully been driving the Toyota for all this time. We are so thankful to you Corolla. We are also thankful that you will continue to be our second "around this town" car. Ernest traded in his beloved truck, after much prayer! It has been due for expensive work and we thought it would be smarter to trade it and collect our pennies.

Good days. Priceless.


marcie burleson said...

Awesome snow!!! Wait until this winter and I'll send you some pics of "real" snow LOL. I LOVE the Mazda, didnt realize you traded in the truck for it. I want one now. Isnt that typical of me?

Jen said...

Could you believe the snow in April! We had flurries here in Springfield last Friday and a record low Easter morning of 20 degrees. Oh, congrats on the new vehicle!!!