Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Camping we will go!

This week and next we will be traveling with Lift Student Ministries doing camp. Ernest flew out on Thursday and the kids and I met up with him yesterday. I drove by myself to Arkansas...that is a big feat for me.

You can check camp out Monday through Friday @ 7pm CST by going to my sidebar and clicking on Lift Sm and then click on live stream. (I would have inserted the link but that tool is enabled due to some strict filter.) We will be busy, busy so the blog may be kind of quiet and then again maybe not. Who knows? I do not have internet in our room so I am kind of sad about that.

Talk to you soon.


Teri said...

Have fun Debra! Hope your family Rocks the CAMP! Grace and peace to you! XXXXXX

Shelly said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes girl!

kittyhox said...

Summer camp as a family sounds like a dream!

My best childhood memories were of camp. My husband always wanted to go (he even pinned up the camp brochures on his wall - how sad is that?), but didn't get to go.

I hope you have a wonderful time and your entire family is soooo blessed by the time together!

Andrea said...

I know how busy you are this week. I hope I did not make you feel bad. I was teasing about the commenting. You are a sweet girl and I hope that no matter what amazing opportunity you are about to embark on we can stay in touch.