Monday, July 23, 2007

Is there an R.V. in our future?

The front porch is a place to dream and talk the night away. All the talking in our house revolves around the motion in which God is moving us. We still have yet to receive a clear answer. He has told us to go we are just waiting to know where to go. The view from our porch is of this sweet R.V. We have spent much time rehearsing a "buyers pitch" to our neighbors. You see if all else fails we think we could buy that R.V. and tour the country in it. It is old, I know. Don't worry...we have a plan. We can call Pimp my Ride from MTV. What do you think? If we need to live in California, no problem, we could have our residence there in 3 days. That would be the beauty of living in your vehicle. If our neighbor's knew how much conversation we have over their R.V...they would laugh their heads off.

Truthfully, at this point, we do not feel a calling to travel in this R.V. But I am telling you if God said do it, we would. Our hearts are tender to his will. I want to remember this moment because I am unsure if we have ever been so eager. I promise I am not trying to brag. If you knew from where I have come you would know. We are just ready and willing. WHEREVER you lead.

Waiting for the blazing arrow (or tender word).


Teri said...

We have totally had that conversation! I have mentioned it to our kids in that cheesy mom tone like "Wouldn't that be so much FUN??" and they are like "NO WAY MOM!!" I guess we aren't gonna take the RV plunge...but it sometimes is appealing.

Aaron Ivey said...

ok, if you hear the audible voice of God telling you to live in an RV do NOT buy that one! haha... because we have one that's been for sale for a while and it's like WAAAY better than that one. so you call me when you're ready :)

Profbaugh said...

I'm feeling such a burden to pray for you right now. May God make His perfect plan (direction) clear to both of you.


Shelly said...

LOL!!! I love your tender heart to Him, even be it the cruising RV in CA. (Although that really could be exciting).

I trust His timing to reveal to you both.

jen said...

Girl, if I hear that ya'll are leaving town in an R.V. I'm gonna come put cement boots on it and not let you leave! :)

I have actually tried to talk Scott into renting one if we get to go on a real vacation. He's not warmed up to the idea yet. :)

Keep your hearts tender, Jesus needs a soft place to rest. Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have had talks about traveling around in an RV before! How funny! I will pray that the Lord would open the doors for you and your husband to serve and that you would find what it is he would have you to do!

Shonda said...

This is so funny! My husband and I have these talks too. He insists that when he retires in 8 years that we'll travel around in an RV. I said that will be fine as long as I have a home to come home to somewhere.

I read this post the other day. This morning I went out for my morning walk and on every street I saw an RV in someone's yard or driveway and kept thinking about this post. I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

I pray that when the Lord calls you to travel in an RV that HE provides a new model (safer) for you!

Blessings in Christ!