Thursday, July 26, 2007

Searching {Him} ...

The stirring is deep in my soul. I have been watching, along with the rest of the world, the news about Lindsey and Britney. I have no idea how you guys feel about their situation. I have noticed some troubling truths about us. (us being the people who know truth) We tend to point out where the ladies are wrong instead of seeing them through the beauty of God. My deep feeling comes from the truth that God loves them.

He absolutely head over heels loves them. His heart desire is to draw them to him.

I do believe they are searching. As girls we all tend to search out significance. They have reached the top of stardom where they thought happiness and fulfillment would be. Life seems so good there. Yet they are lacking that very thing. It is almost a starving of the soul. Their soul is deep in search for it's mate. God's desire is that nothing short of him would please that feeling.

They need God in the flesh. They need someone to love them despite where they are. Who will do it? I have read some disturbing things in the last couple of days. Sometimes our eyes get so twisted that we see the sin before we see the sinner.

If I had a chance to talk with either of them I have no idea what I would say. I hope that God's amazing love would flow from a sinner like me and lavish upon a sinner like them.

Instead of dropping our jaw in disrespect to what they are doing may we be broken for their lack of knowledge. They are walking in this life without our heart healer Jesus. Life without him is brokenness.

Make us willing to be love to them. I know you are love in the purest form. It can only come from you. Teach us, Father, to be more like you.


Teri said...

Again Debra, I am right with you. Your heart in this post echoes mine. I literally pray for these girls, because my heart breaks for those who do not know the glory of my Lord! Oh, how I hope to meet you someday!

jen said...

I feel awful for these girls. What makes me saddest is that they have no idea what the are searching FOR. Or I should say, WHO they are searching for. I am praying hard that somewhere along the way, someone will share Christ with them. I'm also praying that people will leave them alone. I get so upset everytime I see them on the television. I wish the reporters would leave them alone and let them heal instead of hounding their every move. I don't what I would do if people were in my face snapping my photos all the time. They obviously need help, and need Jesus, and more than anything need people around them that will show them the love of Jesus. When all people do is try they're best to catch you at something terrible, it won't be long before you give them what they want to get rid of them. Girls face moral delima's every day and the last thing they need is someone who will help push them towards the wrong decisions. My heart breaks for these girls and others that have faced the same demons. It's awful. Satan is stealing them away, and sadly is stealing away their generation. It's my prayer that God will rise up an army of people intolerable of Satans' sick attacks, and willing to fight for God. Above all, these girls just need to be loved and prayed for.

Dionna said...

Wonderful post.

Heather said...

I wish more people would see others as deeply loved by God in the midst of their sin. I think if we would do this we would see more people come to the lap of our Father God. More people would be drawn to him instead of repulsed by us humans who do not love well.