Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reflecting on Vacations Past

There is not a beach in my close future. Today we would have left four our week at S.Padre. It is kind of sad but very realistic that we do not go. The weather is going to be bad there plus we are still in the saving mode. We only lost out our deposit and the lady was very understanding. Thank you, God.

I know that sounds kind of down. Don't feel sorry for me...oh no! I have been richly blessed. Last summer was the summer of vacation. It was surreal even. So I am going to do a little feasting on what great fun that was. Wanna feast with me?

For starters, we camped at the bank of the Comal river (New Braunsfels). I sleep in a tent for 5 nights with my family. I loved it at it's best and hated it at it's
worst. We floated the river to our hearts content. The family vaca was ended with a weekend with friends in San Antonio. It was peaceful and free of stress.
This was at the Riverwalk. I love this picture. Check out the big hair! That is what a week of camping will do to you.

Next, we hosted a misssions trip to Belgium. For celebration we had a day in Paris. I have a hunger to go back. The cobblestone roads alone draw my attention.
Romance in Paris

I can't believe I was there...

the boys

the girls

Flowers from the market in Brugge, Belgium.

Finally, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary we went on a cruise. It was a glorious five days cruising the ocean and ending in Mexican destinations. Talk about dreamy. I was alone with the man that I love...priceless.

Oh..for the love

Look at the darkness! I used spf30.

See what I mean? I have been vacation blessed.

What has been your favorite vaca?


Teri said...


Your pictures are fabulous! My favorite vacation was last year we took the kids to Florida for the Disney adventure of a lifetime! It was our first family vacation that we took which didn't include visiting somebody out of state. We actually stayed at one of the resorts and just did it up. My kids loved every minute of it and so did I!
We didn't go on a vacation this year because we just couldn't fit it in...but Paul and I are going to NYC for 2 days in Sept with another couple, so I am pretty pumped for that! I got flights for a penny each way, seriously, so well, we just couldn't pass it up! It is a much needed break and it is coming 10 days after my birthday so it is good timing! I'm so excited!

Teri said...

Thanks for making me a little less ignorant! You rock!

Heather said...

My fav vacation so far was our honeymoon to playa del carmen, Mexico. We stayed at the Moon Palace ... LOVELY! Best vacation with the boys ... 2 days at Disney last year ... the in-laws even went along so we got the nights alone at Epcot and Magic Kingdom alone while they took the kids back and put them down! Fun times!

oh amanda said...

What amazing vacations! One year we were GIVEN 2 Disney vacations--one a 7 Day Disney Cruise and one a week at Disney's Vero Beach Resort. BOTH FREE. Need I say more?!

Alana said...

Oh to be laying on one of those lounge chairs! What a wonderful picture! That says it all, doesn't it?

Last year we went to Las Vegas for our 10th anniversary. Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with Vegas (except for the dining options), but we stayed in the most luxurious hotel there. It was heaven. When you were lying by the pool they would come by and spritz you with evian and give you fresh fruit. Ahhh!

THE SMITHS said...

Oh wow, you've gone on some wonderful vacations. I'd say that my two fave vacays were our honeymoon to these quaint cabins in Mississippi and to the west (New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, etc.) camping with my family in high school. I will never forget either. The woods, quietness and love with my Hubs or Carlsbad Caverns, the mountains and fresh air of the west. Many wonderful memories! Be blessed!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I love your vacation pictures!

And I hope you guys didn't float away while packing for your move with all that rain in Abilene!