Sunday, September 09, 2007

iChat, uChat

Do you like coffee? What about chatting with friends?

Well grab some coffee (or something) and let's chat. I am needing some conversation. Do you ever feel that way?


Here is some great news. It is past due but great none the less. Last weekend we went back to Abilene to pack up our personal belongings. It was a good quick trip. Our house is being sub leased to a couple whose roof caved in. They are staying in our home for a few months or until it sells. They are even renting our furniture because all of theirs was ruined. It seems to work out for the both of us. The perfect part of this sits here...The money they are paying for the house came in perfect time for the next months mortgage. We hadn't been worried about the payment until this month. God provided. We have been without an official paycheck for a month and a half yet God has provided all our needs and more.

On other house news...

Our realtor called last week and told us to be expecting an offer on our home. That is super exciting!


This past friday we were blessed to spend the day at Tranquility Park. If you have not viewed the slideshow just look below at the chasing blog. God met us there. He is faithful and in the moment he renewed our strength. He took us back to the birth of the dream that resides in our heart. It was to travel and speak to teenagers. It seems simple enough but it is forever scary. Somewhere on the way there we decided that we needed a job to secure financing. The perfect plan is to find one that would fulfill our dream as well as money right???

That was our reasoning.

For the moment it does not seem like God is desiring that. We promised that we would pursue this vision and prompting set before us. No matter how scared we are. We still have resumes out there and if God desires for us to take a position he will show us but for now we are going out on our own. Whew. That is hard to type.

I would love to show you the direct way that He reaffirmed this to us. That post would be way too long.

Shortly after walking in the door we received a call about speaking to a men's/woman's banquet. Coincidence? If you remember tomorrow night say a word of prayer for us as we share our love with new faces.

Just for notes sake...We are nothing special, nor do we think we are...we are just Jesus lovers with a dream and a mind to pursue it. I hate the even faintest idea that you would think of us to be showy. It is not my desire. The showiness that we posses is grace, HIS grace. He has bestowed much. I mean much as in HUGE>>>>HUGER>>>if that was a word.


Houston anyone? Is anyone going to biblestudy @HFB on Tuesday Night?


Has anyone seen the Nanny Diaries? Any good?


Reading any good books lately?

Talk Back...I would love to hear from you.


jen said...

sweet sweet girl, you ARE something very special because you have someone very special in your heart. :) I am really really excited for you guys! I can't even explain why. I just read your blog and all the sudden got really excited and had to praise God for you. You're ready.

I haven't seen the Nanny Diaries but I really really want to!

Good books? I'm working through Psalms, taking a break from Proverbs. God's really been pushing Proverbs on me lately. Not sure what's He's got for me, but it's been interesting to say the least.

Bible study!!! Oh man, I go with you in a heartbeat! I'm starting BSF this week here at Pioneer. Pam said it's a really neat program and said she thinks I'll really enjoy it, so I probably will. :)

In other news, I have something really BIG happenening Wednesday night right in the middle of some scheduling madness. Pray for me girl! :)

How are the kids liking school? I miss them a LOT this year! Could really use Carly's acting skills right about now. :) We're a bit short on older girls in choir, but we'll make it. God has been good thus far, no sense not trusting Him to handle it. :)

Anyway, I'm sure you didn't want that much rambling but hey, I'm bored and it's raining outside so here I sit. :) The pics of you and Ernest in the slide show are so pretty! That is one of my favorite skirts of yours!

Love you guys & we're praying for you!

Debra said...

jen, what is bsf? should I know this? are all of you laughing at me for asking??? Oh great, now I am laughing.

What is going on Wed.? Is it a secret?

jen said...

Well I'm not very sure what it's all about but it's called Bible Study Fellowship and they meet once a week at Pioneer Drive. Here is a website with information:

Wednesday morning is just the orientation where they'll tell us about the program and all that good stuff.

Wenesday afternoon is an important interview for me. Well for our family. I applied for a unique job and my final interview is Wednesday at 5. When we find out more I'll let you know! :) God is good good good! Banana pudding good! ROFL!

jen said...
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jen said...

sorry, it didn't copy the whole link:

Shelly said...

I LOVE your faith that rests in who He is, and not your circumstances. You are so encouraging sweet blogging friend!

And if HFB Church were anywhere near my now new home of South Hamilton, MA, I'd ask you to save me a seat. But unfortunately, it's not! lol

And I've heard the Nanny Dairies was good too! But since I'm such a Jane Austen fan, I went and saw 'Becoming Jane' instead :)

Amanda said...

Big praises to God for the house update and the speaking opportunity! I'm so sad I'm not going to be there Tuesday. I hope you have a blessed time. Get there early and have a salad or something in the cafe. Trust me, you do not want to deal with the parking chaos that will occur within 30 minutes of start time. I saw Nanny Diaries and liked it. It made me thankful for my life and convicted me of my selfishness. I'm reading Madgalene by Angela Hunt and it's awesome!

Maggie said...

hey! i'm in an avoiding laundry kind of mood...which means I could chat, but would need to fold laundry while we did it rather than drinking coffee. BSF sounds awesome...we don't have one local.

A young mom wants to start an inductive study with me, and I want to teach her, but can't get a peace about the content yet. Arg.

Blessings, dear one! (and, of course, you "go out on your own", with him...though it lingers, wait for it, even if you happen to need ot be "doing" something else to survive!)

Tina said...

I know I have said this to you before, but stepping out seems scary in the beginning, but in the midst of it, God provides like crazy. During deputation, I learned worlds more about faith {it is WAY bigger than I ever knew could be possible} and about God's ultimate provisions. If this is where He has called you to, He will be faithful. I also know that I have shared this verse with you before: "Faithful is He who calleth you, who also will do it"! I have had to remind myself of the fact that I am not here because of what "skills" I possess, but because of what God has the power to do through me! It is Him who is always truth, if He has called you, it's no mistake! I'm rejoicing with you over your news! Amen sister!

Heather said...

Wish I were going to be in Houston but alas, it is a little far from my home! :)

I've been reading a small book called the Red Sea Rules ... sub title the same God who led you in will lead you out. Good stuff for where we are right now and what God is doing in our lives. So don't want to rush it but would also like some stability :)

Teri said...

Debra!!!! I am so glad to hear how God is providing, He is faithful! I SO wish we had an unlimited budget for our youth, (Or a budget at all, besides our fund raising.) we would have you and your Husband come here! That would rock. Maybe someday! Anyway, I just wanted to stop in to say hello! I am glad to hear you are in a groove of trust. Believe me, I know how hard it is, fear can latch on and try to consume, but I am thankful for you that you are resting in the peace of God and knowing by faith, you are going to be taken care of!

Alana said...

Nothing showy about you, your heart shows through!