Thursday, November 30, 2006

::Snow day::

Today has made the feeling of Christmas come.

School was canceled and the kids were able to relax and play in the snow. They had so much fun! It rarely snows here in Abilene so they took major advantage of this fun filled day.

Tuesday night was the City Sidewalks parade in the downtown area. The kids rode in the awana float. City Sidewalks is what makes Abilene feel small town. Everyone comes out and families gather to see the lighted floats ride by.

I am sitting in my living room bundled up with a blanket, the fire is searing warmth, and the Christmas tree lights are glowing. At this moment I am so content. At peace! This is just one of those dreaminess days.

Tonight is 'Parker night'. It will be a good one. I think we are going to make chili and play games or watch a movie. What a day!

Thank you so much for peaceful days like today. Your peace has transcended my understanding. Things are happening all around me and I am only to trust in you. You are in control of all. I am in awe of you. I am in love with sweet Jesus.

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Karina said...

awww snow!!!!