Monday, November 20, 2006

the nutcracker

I really think my daughter might surpass my level of starry-eyedness...

The other night as I was cooking dinner she asked me to put on one of her favorite Cd's. Of course that would be the nutcracker soundtrack. She began to tell me that she couldn't wait until daddy was to be home. After all she had a show to put on. She informed me that she needed to practice and that I was not to watch until the real thing.

A little bit later she came into the kitchen and asked for tape. What do you need tape for? Mom I need tape so that I can post my sign on the door. I want daddy to see it when he drives up. At that moment we both heard the famous garage door moving up. She ran and got her sign and opened the door just enough so that she could hold her sign out for her daddy to see. She was so happy when he reached the door and read aloud "welcome to the nutcracker...the show will soon begin."

She is something all right!

Here are a few pictures of the show that took place in our living room. She had the costume down to the details. She was the character of Clara. She even begged her brother to do the scene from the beginning. And for the end who else to play her prince but her beloved daddy!

She dreams big and loves much. I love that about her.

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Karina said...

Gosh debbie she looks like you soo much in these pics!