Sunday, January 28, 2007


It was a fun evening!

We went to see the movie Catch and Release with Jennifer Gardner. I liked it but that was the extent of my feelings. There were a few awkward moments here and there. I am all about a good chick flick. I had really high hopes for this one but...

We were walking out of the theater discussing our slight disappointment..."We should have seen 'Pursuit of Happiness'"..."Yes we should have"...

In that moment we decided to skip Olive Garden and see another movie. We purchased 2 tickets to Pursuit of Happiness and quickly got in the concession line. It felt great! I think that is the most spontaneous thing we have done in a while. I know it is very sad. What can I say we have two kids. We shared a coke, hot dog, and nachos for dinner. No it is not Olive Garden but it was so much fun.

By the way we loved the Pursuit of Happiness. Great Victory! It totally takes hold of your emotions and brings you in.

Great date night!


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