Friday, February 02, 2007

Battlecry for THIS generation

Abilene Invasion went off great. We were humbled to see 1500-2000 parents and teens there. Worshiping together with churches from all around our community meant so much to me. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ernest and I got to Beltway at noon for our first meeting of the day. We met Mike Guzzardo who was the speaker. He is amazing by the way. Great man of God. From that meeting on we were busy till the late hours of the night. Most of our time together was spent in prayer. All the area youth workers and Mike sat together, prayed, and read scripture over one another...It was amazing. We went into the building praying and walking around it. There was a moment when we were praying over the band that I saw my husband in a new way. His face was just glowing from sweet communion with his father. I fell in love with that man again. There were no barriers, no one cared who was there, who was watching them. As Baptists sometimes we are so closed, we are scared to look like... On this day we were not! Praise God. Leaving everything behind and following him. We cannot lead anyone where we are not going ourselves. So we press on.

This was our pep rally night to get others involved in our vision. Now it is time to start on the next phase of AI. I believe God was there and was doing his thing. What a privilege to sit back and watch him praise him through every moment. I love HIM.

I sat next to Ernest (on one side) and Ana Simmons (Tim's wife) on the other. What great fun worshiping with a new friend. We have met on several occasions but this was the night where I finally was able to get to know her a bit. For one thing she is adorably pregnant. She will have her precious baby any moment. Another thing I learned about this woman...She loves our Lord. I love to serve the Lord with others. It is such a blast.

I have posted some pictures of the night. The battery in my camera went out so I was only able to get a few.

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