Sunday, February 04, 2007


I am so happy to report that Saturday I got a new haircut. It seems to have been a long time now. I now have about a thousand different layers in my hair. You should have seen my hair when I woke up this morning. It would be safe to say HUGE! The curl was already falling out a little when Ernest shot these pictures for me. I am definitely a blogger now! I even put up my hair cut.

How was your Sunday?


iveyfamily said...

Love your hair!

My Sunday was lazy and perfect! During the boys nap time I read and then we headed to a friends house for the Super Bowl and now they are asleep and I'm about to go too!

Debra said...

Thank You!

Lazy Sunday afternoons are perfect!

Jennifer said...

Debra, I found your blog through Beth Moore. Your hair is gorgeous. It made me sad because, even though mine is long, it's shorter on one side than the other. Bless you sister for finding a hair stylist who is a genius with layering!

Debra said...

Thanks Jennifer! I just took a shot and went into Master Cuts in the mall.

Them Chandlers said...

Love the haircut!!

This comment should go on the next day's post but....though A-town doesn't have many trees, it has some amazing sunsets!! :) Moving from East Texas to there to go to college was a shock but it definitely has it's own charm. :)

Debra said...

Lauren...That is so true! I do love the sunsets around here.