Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Bluest of Skies

It is the most beautiful day of 2007. Well at least to date. I have my doors open and all the blinds open wide. The sky is an amazing shade of blue. This day makes me so happy. You just may find me running up and down the streets. It is just so pleasant. The birds are chirping in our neighbor's trees. This yard does not have any trees. It was the one down fall to calling it our home. In our city you do not find many trees so be thankful for the ones around you. I am in a major itch for Spring to come.

Thinking of Spring always reminds me of projects to be done. We have some major work to do on our back yard. It is in some sad shape. Our students broke the kids swing set. I love them but they really break a lot of stuff. That is a whole other blog. We have not taken it down in hopes that we will just buy some new wood and fix it. REALLY? I just don't know if we will do it or not. We have an above ground pool that we purchased 3 years ago. We brought it with us to the new house and quickly put it up. Our kids live in this thing during the summer. After a few weeks we noticed some grass growing through the liner. The grass grew through 3 feet of sand to even reach the liner. After talking to the pool man we learned that this type of grass will grow through anything. Our pool is still standing out there, no water in it, it is just once again in seriously bad shape. We are going to fix that. I think we have to put down a cement floor then the sand. There is more to the "falling apart" back yard but I won't bore you with all the details. I am considering contacting Oprah for some extreme makeover help. Who knows maybe one day you will see me on the show.

I promise to enjoy this day to the fullest. This is a beautiful day that my Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad.

I am hoping that your day is equally beautiful.

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