Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How well do we love?

I am a firm believer that love is a choice that is made. After all the warm feelings have evaporated we are left with choice. Most mornings I get up and have a "feeling" of love for the one who sleeps next to me. There were days when I had to make a distinct choice to love him. I had been hurt to the deepest measure of my knowledge. The fluffy feelings were nowhere to be found. God was faithful and restored the "feeling".

I believe that God makes the same choice with me. He chose to love me. The days that I takes steps away from him, he still chooses me. Despite me, He loves me. It is the kind of love that He, Our God, is only capable of. He gives us the great privilege to tap into that love and bestow it upon another.

Last night at Becoming (a girls event I do once a month) we discussed love. More than that, we discussed how we are known by the way that we love one another. That truth has been haunting me this week. It is some of the way that the Lord is stretching me.

I have a friend who at one point in life hurt me to the tune of huge. With God's grace, forgiveness has been given. Not by my strength but through his. God seems to be pushing me on with connection to her. I am in the moment of lack of understanding and lack of desire. I often think, Lord, haven't I done enough? This week when those words have crossed my heart the Lord spoke back...You will be known by your love for one another(her).

The barriers in this section of my life are enormous. I have not a clue what God is doing in my heart. I also do not have a clue as to why. The "whys" always get me.

To be more like Christ is to love more. What will it look like? The future will tell.

Teach me and Lead me...

I want to be known to be like him!

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