Thursday, May 10, 2007


Jamie has tagged me with this interesting survey. I have to list 7 random things about myself and here is the catch you will to if I tag you.

Here goes.

7. One day out of the blue (when I was 5 years old) I realized that I had red hair and that all my siblings and parents had the darkest brown hair ever. I couldn't understand why so I posed the question to my mom. She, not thinking I could understand adoption so soon, told me that when I was in the belly she must have drank too much red kool-aid. I was so satisfied with the answer that I shared it with my teachers and all my classmates.

6. As a child I had a weird love for Campbell's Chicken noodle soup. It is all I wanted to eat. It is still a comfort food to this very day.

5. In the last week I felt the effects of drinking too much. At least that is what my dentist tells me. Laughing gas as she states is a great high. She is so funny. She even was hoping that some would leak out and give her a buzz.

4. In high school I participated in the "Sand Dance". It was our officer modern contest routine and we were SAND. We performed it at our Spring Show and all the boys had to take a double look because of our nude unitards. They thought we were dancing naked. Looking back it was pretty provocative but I had not a clue. It was modern and we were playing the part of sand...what can I say?

3. At youth camp I was known as the girl with all the hair. I am serious. I would walk past people and I would hear them refer to me as that. How could they help it. My hair was HUGE. No I don't think you understand....HUGE!!!

2. While in labor the first time I swore that Norman Bates was in my room. The week before I was on bed rest and I watched a marathon of Psycho. Why did I do that? When the drugs took effect Norman appeared. We still laugh about this and no I have not watched Psycho again.

Drum roll please....

1. (Amy you might get a laugh out of this one) In 8th grade Mike Maple asked me to "go" with him. Truth be told I think that Nathan Smith asked me for him. I said yes. Middle school romance at its finest. The next morning before school I did not stand next to him while waiting for the bell to ring. How dare me. What mistakes I made. That very day Nathan Smith came back to me and said that Mike wanted to break up. Why? He said I wasn't aggressive enough. At least that is the story I got. My relationship lasted one day and not a word was ever spoken. Later that year I "went" with Nathan Smith. *Laughing*

Tag you are it.

Why stop at seven people? If you want to do it then by all means. Post it on your blog and let me know that you are in. I am such a rule breaker.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

OK, I have seen so many of these memes going around lately and yours was by far the most fun to read!!


Teri said...

Nice randomness Debra! I'm in.

oh amanda said...

Those are great!

Shelly said...

You know Debra I also dated Nathan Smith, but for only one day. He tried holding my hand so I broke up with him. The last I heard of him he was in jail. I thank my God daily for the Godly man he has given me.