Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yellow screams BUY me

In all the research that I have been doing about selling a house I have learned that the color yellow makes people want to buy. Can this be true? The tip is to put yellow potted flowers very close to the entry way door so that the prospective buyers feel the need to purchase. Today while browsing the aisles at Wal-mart I stopped over in the garden section and purchased two potted "yellow" flowers. Gerbera Daisies. I love them. Truly I will probably kill them and no one will want to buy because there are dead flower petals everywhere.

I will let you know how this goes. Do you have any house selling tips to share?

In other news...

Our resumes are ready to be sent. I have no idea where we are going to send them but we hope to send them somewhere by this weekend. We have not finished our informational cd but that is in the end stages. I ordered a picture to be sent with our resume and cd so it looks all kinds of "almost" professional.

Ernest's dad is an Assembly of God Pastor and what I remember most about his church is this phrase...

(He would say)God is good
(the people would say)All the time
(He would say)And all the time
(the people would say)God is good.

I love that. It is so true. God is good ALL the time!


Jen said...

When I worked for a Realtor in town, she often told the owners to have a candle burning when people were coming by to look or at open house - such as vanilla or a light cinnamon...nothing too strong. It is suppose to help make the house seem homey and inviting. What an exciting time in your life! My prayers go with you that the house will sell in God's timing and that He will place your family where He wants you to be. *HUGS*

oh amanda said...

We're trying to sell our house, too. Maybe some yellow flowers will work!

(My dh's dad is an AG pastor, too!)

Teri said...

Yellow Gerbera Daisies...YAY, my favorite!
Father God, draw the right people to this home! I thank you for your call on this family and I thank you that you will not let anything stand in your way. In Jesus name, amen!

Jamie said...

Have no ideas for selling your home ... I dread that day! How will I do that with two kids??? Well, you too.

By the way I tagged you ...