Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blisters and Worship

Camping with the family has been nothing short of tremendous. We are having a complete blast together. Ernest and I are crazy busy working. The kids are thinking this is the coolest place in America. I think part of it is because there is ice cream at the end of every meal.

I got blisters yesterday due to wearing cute shoes on busy Monday. What was I thinking? Cute is a very important factor...right?

One of the highlights has been worshiping side by side with the 3 people that I love most in the world. We don't get to do church together too often. (They go with us they just attend children's church.) We are just passing that stage of carrying back packs full of coloring books and games...I love it. They are in awe of the worship time. Carly carries this look of amazement as she watches her new friends love on their God. They have both been taken in by our college student rec. team. I am thankful for that.

God is drawing us close...the four of us closer to HIM...what better...

He never ceases to amaze me.


Shelly said...

Mm....precious. I love getting to worship beside those that I love as well. There's just something unspeakable about it.

And of course my dear - cuteness is always a factor :)

jen said...

I love love love seeing the boys worship. It's another blessing bestowed upon us mothers I think. :) I'm glad you guys are having a great time, ya'll deserve some fun! :) Love ya girl!