Monday, July 30, 2007

My Barbie Dream House

We will be moving soon. Somewhere. That is certain. We have turned down a lot of opportunities in search of the God one. We are confident in the waiting.

We have been looking at houses in areas that we are familiar with. Just thinking... totally not saying that we are moving there. In that process I found it. My barbie dream house. It is perfect just like it was in my childhood dreams. It is completely out of my price range but it is in my heart range. I love everything about it. At least through screen images. The kitchen is all I could ask for. I am anything but a master chef but oh how I could see myself cooking away in that place. I haven't even mentioned the windows. The windows. amazing.

Take a look at the dream house that is completely clouds away. Click here.


jen said...

hang on, lemme wipe up the drool... oh my goodness what a gorgeous house!

kittyhox said...


The exterior reminds me of the house from "Mama's Family."

If it's a little out of your price range maybe you could buy something simliar that hasn't been as meticulously restored and do some of the work yourselves. My parents did that once with a semi-historic home they owned. They even put down real hardwood floors themselves! And crown molding, etc. The sweat equity paid off when they sold the home.

I also love drooling on Here is the house I currently like in a place we are considering for a BIG move: Compared to Seattle real estate, this seems like a steal! I LOVE the kitchen and upstairs bedrooms/loft.

Happy dreaming!

Jen said...

Love that house! That would be so great if God led you guys back to Springfield! We would have to go out on photo shooting excursions :)

Heather said...

CUTE house!

Teri said...

Debra, I hope you get that house! It is so charming and has such incredible floors!

Just remember, with God all things are possible! I have the most gigantic testimony about how we came to own our home...too long to share here, but God came through BIG TIME!

jennyhope said...

that is a beautiful home. what a great price to!
I would like to move...but until then ...
I stop by your blog a lot! I heart the dress!!! :)

Shelly said...

Oh my word! It's beautiful!!!

You never know girl - Jesus likes to show off. Maybe the house you end up will still be a dream home to your heart.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Wow...that house is my Barbie Dream House too! It's beautiful! And you'd be so good at decorating it!