Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So there are many thoughts today...my heart is heavy for the haggard family. I do believe that he was wrong in what he did. But I am sad at the victory that Satan won in this life situation. I think about the wife of this man who I am sure is hurting. What about the children. I don't know their ages but no matter they are still grieving from the fall of their father.

If you know us then you know that we are not free from scandal. When you have been given much grace then you are usually apt to give much back.

I have heard a lot of people drag this man's name through the ground even in our Christian circles. The truth is he fell into temptation. Sin always hurts! We cannot judge or think that we are above making these kinds of decisions. We need to stay close to God and pray for this family.

He was secluding himself in a certain place to write and get close to God if you will...this is when he gave into temptation. After hearing this I thought of Jesus who was lead to the desert to be tempted. He was alone and it was a time when he needed to rely on the truth of what he knew. Here is my reason for saying this...If we are sent into a time of temptation what would be the outcome? What are you doing to arm yourself with the truth that you need? Do not forget that it is an all out war out there. When you are in ministry Satan wants nothing more than to ruin your name and reputation.

Watch out for the enemy is prowling around seeking whom he may devour.

I ask that you would be with this family...at this moment whatever they may be feeling. The hurt is much and the emotions are high. The embarrassment is almost unbearable. The death of life as it was known last week. The feeling of no future. Lord just come to the rescue. Show them your love and grace. Your love is higher and deeper than we can imagine. Put your arms around them and give them spacious breath. Bring their friends close and show them how to minister to this need.

Protect my family sweet Jesus. I know that we are not above a fall...keep us close to you. I thank you for your grace and unconditional love. You have restored my soul...I sing a new song.

A good book to read about this subject
When Godly People do Ungodly Things By Beth Moore

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